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  1 #
  2 # For a description of the syntax of this configuration file,
  3 # see Documentation/kbuild/kconfig-language.txt.
  4 #
  5 # Parport configuration.
  6 #
  9         bool
 10         help
 11           Select this config option from the architecture Kconfig if
 12           the architecture might have PC parallel port hardware.
 14 menuconfig PARPORT
 15         tristate "Parallel port support"
 16         depends on HAS_IOMEM
 17         ---help---
 18           If you want to use devices connected to your machine's parallel port
 19           (the connector at the computer with 25 holes), e.g. printer, ZIP
 20           drive, PLIP link (Parallel Line Internet Protocol is mainly used to
 21           create a mini network by connecting the parallel ports of two local
 22           machines) etc., then you need to say Y here; please read
 23           <file:Documentation/parport.txt> and
 24           <file:drivers/parport/BUGS-parport>.
 26           For extensive information about drivers for many devices attaching
 27           to the parallel port see <> on
 28           the WWW.
 30           It is possible to share a single parallel port among several devices
 31           and it is safe to compile all the corresponding drivers into the
 32           kernel. To compile parallel port support as a module, choose M here:
 33           the module will be called parport.
 34           If you have more than one parallel port and want to specify which
 35           port and IRQ to be used by this driver at module load time, take a
 36           look at <file:Documentation/parport.txt>.
 38           If unsure, say Y.
 40 if PARPORT
 42 config PARPORT_PC
 43         tristate "PC-style hardware"
 44         depends on ARCH_MIGHT_HAVE_PC_PARPORT
 45         help
 46           You should say Y here if you have a PC-style parallel port. All
 47           IBM PC compatible computers and some Alphas have PC-style
 48           parallel ports.  PA-RISC owners should only say Y here if they
 49           have a SuperIO parallel port.
 51           To compile this driver as a module, choose M here: the
 52           module will be called parport_pc.
 54           If unsure, say Y.
 57         tristate "Multi-IO cards (parallel and serial)"
 58         depends on SERIAL_8250_PCI && PARPORT_PC && PCI
 59         help
 60           This adds support for multi-IO PCI cards that have parallel and
 61           serial ports.  You should say Y or M here.  If you say M, the module
 62           will be called parport_serial.
 64 config PARPORT_PC_FIFO
 65         bool "Use FIFO/DMA if available"
 66         depends on PARPORT_PC
 67         help
 68           Many parallel port chipsets provide hardware that can speed up
 69           printing. Say Y here if you want to take advantage of that.
 71           As well as actually having a FIFO, or DMA capability, the kernel
 72           will need to know which IRQ the parallel port has.  By default,
 73           parallel port interrupts will not be used, and so neither will the
 74           FIFO.  See <file:Documentation/parport.txt> to find out how to
 75           specify which IRQ/DMA to use.
 78         bool "SuperIO chipset support"
 79         depends on PARPORT_PC && !PARISC
 80         help
 81           Saying Y here enables some probes for Super-IO chipsets in order to
 82           find out things like base addresses, IRQ lines and DMA channels.  It
 83           is safe to say N.
 86         tristate "Support for PCMCIA management for PC-style ports"
 87         depends on PCMCIA && PARPORT_PC
 88         help
 89           Say Y here if you need PCMCIA support for your PC-style parallel
 90           ports. If unsure, say N.
 92 config PARPORT_IP32
 93         tristate "SGI IP32 builtin port"
 94         depends on SGI_IP32
 95         select PARPORT_NOT_PC
 96         help
 97           Say Y here if you need support for the parallel port on
 98           SGI O2 machines. This code is also available as a module (say M),
 99           called parport_ip32.  If in doubt, saying N is the safe plan.
101 config PARPORT_AMIGA
102         tristate "Amiga builtin port"
103         depends on AMIGA
104         select PARPORT_NOT_PC
105         help
106           Say Y here if you need support for the parallel port hardware on
107           Amiga machines. This code is also available as a module (say M),
108           called parport_amiga. If in doubt, saying N is the safe plan.
110 config PARPORT_MFC3
111         tristate "Multiface III parallel port"
112         depends on ZORRO
113         select PARPORT_NOT_PC
114         help
115           Say Y here if you need parallel port support for the MFC3 card.
116           This code is also available as a module (say M), called
117           parport_mfc3. If in doubt, saying N is the safe plan.
119 config PARPORT_ATARI
120         tristate "Atari hardware"
121         depends on ATARI
122         select PARPORT_NOT_PC
123         help
124           Say Y here if you need support for the parallel port hardware on
125           Atari machines. This code is also available as a module (say M),
126           called parport_atari. If in doubt, saying N is the safe plan.
128 config PARPORT_GSC
129         tristate
130         default GSC
131         select PARPORT_NOT_PC
134         tristate "Sparc hardware"
135         depends on SBUS
136         select PARPORT_NOT_PC
137         help
138           This driver provides support for the bidirectional parallel port
139           found on many Sun machines. Note that many of the newer Ultras
140           actually have pc style hardware instead.
142 config PARPORT_AX88796
143         tristate "AX88796 Parallel Port"
144         select PARPORT_NOT_PC
145         help
146           Say Y here if you need support for the parallel port hardware on
147           the AX88796 network controller chip. This code is also available
148           as a module (say M), called parport_ax88796.
150           The driver is not dependent on the AX88796 network driver, and
151           should not interfere with the networking functions of the chip.
153 config PARPORT_1284
154         bool "IEEE 1284 transfer modes"
155         help
156           If you have a printer that supports status readback or device ID, or
157           want to use a device that uses enhanced parallel port transfer modes
158           such as EPP and ECP, say Y here to enable advanced IEEE 1284
159           transfer modes. Also say Y if you want device ID information to
160           appear in /proc/sys/dev/parport/*/autoprobe*. It is safe to say N.
162 config PARPORT_NOT_PC
163         bool
165 endif # PARPORT

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