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  1 config HERMES
  2         tristate "Hermes chipset 802.11b support (Orinoco/Prism2/Symbol)"
  3         depends on (PPC_PMAC || PCI || PCMCIA)
  4         depends on CFG80211 && CFG80211_WEXT
  5         select WIRELESS_EXT
  6         select WEXT_SPY
  7         select WEXT_PRIV
  8         select FW_LOADER
  9         select CRYPTO
 10         select CRYPTO_MICHAEL_MIC
 11         ---help---
 12           A driver for 802.11b wireless cards based on the "Hermes" or
 13           Intersil HFA384x (Prism 2) MAC controller.  This includes the vast
 14           majority of the PCMCIA 802.11b cards (which are nearly all rebadges)
 15           - except for the Cisco/Aironet cards.  Cards supported include the
 16           Apple Airport (not a PCMCIA card), WavelanIEEE/Orinoco,
 17           Cabletron/EnteraSys Roamabout, ELSA AirLancer, MELCO Buffalo, Avaya,
 18           IBM High Rate Wireless, Farralon Syyline, Samsung MagicLAN, Netgear
 19           MA401, LinkSys WPC-11, D-Link DWL-650, 3Com AirConnect, Intel
 20           IPW2011, and Symbol Spectrum24 High Rate amongst others.
 22           This option includes the guts of the driver, but in order to
 23           actually use a card you will also need to enable support for PCMCIA
 24           Hermes cards, PLX9052 based PCI adaptors or the Apple Airport below.
 26           You will also very likely also need the Wireless Tools in order to
 27           configure your card and that /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts works :
 28           <>
 30 config HERMES_PRISM
 31         bool "Support Prism 2/2.5 chipset"
 32         depends on HERMES
 33         ---help---
 35           Say Y to enable support for Prism 2 and 2.5 chipsets.  These
 36           chipsets are better handled by the hostap driver.  This driver
 37           would not support WPA or firmware download for Prism chipset.
 39           If you are not sure, say N.
 42         bool "Cache Hermes firmware on driver initialisation"
 43         depends on HERMES
 44         default y
 45         ---help---
 46           Say Y to cache any firmware required by the Hermes drivers
 47           on startup.  The firmware will remain cached until the
 48           driver is unloaded.  The cache uses 64K of RAM.
 50           Otherwise load the firmware from userspace as required.  In
 51           this case the driver should be unloaded and restarted
 52           whenever the firmware is changed.
 54           If you are not sure, say Y.
 56 config APPLE_AIRPORT
 57         tristate "Apple Airport support (built-in)"
 58         depends on PPC_PMAC && HERMES
 59         help
 60           Say Y here to support the Airport 802.11b wireless Ethernet hardware
 61           built into the Macintosh iBook and other recent PowerPC-based
 62           Macintosh machines. This is essentially a Lucent Orinoco card with
 63           a non-standard interface.
 65           This driver does not support the Airport Extreme (802.11b/g). Use
 66           the BCM43xx driver for Airport Extreme cards.
 68 config PLX_HERMES
 69         tristate "Hermes in PLX9052 based PCI adaptor support (Netgear MA301 etc.)"
 70         depends on PCI && HERMES
 71         help
 72           Enable support for PCMCIA cards supported by the "Hermes" (aka
 73           orinoco) driver when used in PLX9052 based PCI adaptors.  These
 74           adaptors are not a full PCMCIA controller but act as a more limited
 75           PCI <-> PCMCIA bridge.  Several vendors sell such adaptors so that
 76           802.11b PCMCIA cards can be used in desktop machines.  The Netgear
 77           MA301 is such an adaptor.
 79 config TMD_HERMES
 80         tristate "Hermes in TMD7160 based PCI adaptor support"
 81         depends on PCI && HERMES
 82         help
 83           Enable support for PCMCIA cards supported by the "Hermes" (aka
 84           orinoco) driver when used in TMD7160 based PCI adaptors.  These
 85           adaptors are not a full PCMCIA controller but act as a more limited
 86           PCI <-> PCMCIA bridge.  Several vendors sell such adaptors so that
 87           802.11b PCMCIA cards can be used in desktop machines.
 89 config NORTEL_HERMES
 90         tristate "Nortel emobility PCI adaptor support"
 91         depends on PCI && HERMES
 92         help
 93           Enable support for PCMCIA cards supported by the "Hermes" (aka
 94           orinoco) driver when used in Nortel emobility PCI adaptors.  These
 95           adaptors are not full PCMCIA controllers, but act as a more limited
 96           PCI <-> PCMCIA bridge.
 98 config PCI_HERMES
 99         tristate "Prism 2.5 PCI 802.11b adaptor support"
100         depends on PCI && HERMES && HERMES_PRISM
101         help
102           Enable support for PCI and mini-PCI 802.11b wireless NICs based on
103           the Prism 2.5 chipset.  These are true PCI cards, not the 802.11b
104           PCMCIA cards bundled with PCI<->PCMCIA adaptors which are also
105           common.  Some of the built-in wireless adaptors in laptops are of
106           this variety.
108 config PCMCIA_HERMES
109         tristate "Hermes PCMCIA card support"
110         depends on PCMCIA && HERMES
111         ---help---
112           A driver for "Hermes" chipset based PCMCIA wireless adaptors, such
113           as the Lucent WavelanIEEE/Orinoco cards and their OEM (Cabletron/
114           EnteraSys RoamAbout 802.11, ELSA Airlancer, Melco Buffalo and
115           others).  It should also be usable on various Prism II based cards
116           such as the Linksys, D-Link and Farallon Skyline.  It should also
117           work on Symbol cards such as the 3Com AirConnect and Ericsson WLAN.
119           You will very likely need the Wireless Tools in order to
120           configure your card and that /etc/pcmcia/wireless.opts works:
121           <>.
124         tristate "Symbol Spectrum24 Trilogy PCMCIA card support"
125         depends on PCMCIA && HERMES
126         ---help---
128           This is a driver for 802.11b cards using RAM-loadable Symbol
129           firmware, such as Symbol Wireless Networker LA4100, CompactFlash
130           cards by Socket Communications and Intel PRO/Wireless 2011B.
132           This driver requires firmware download on startup.  Utilities
133           for downloading Symbol firmware are available at
134           <>
136 config ORINOCO_USB
137         tristate "Agere Orinoco USB support"
138         depends on USB && HERMES
139         select FW_LOADER
140         ---help---
141           This driver is for USB versions of the Agere Orinoco card.

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