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  1 menuconfig MAILBOX
  2         bool "Mailbox Hardware Support"
  3         help
  4           Mailbox is a framework to control hardware communication between
  5           on-chip processors through queued messages and interrupt driven
  6           signals. Say Y if your platform supports hardware mailboxes.
  8 if MAILBOX
 10 config ARM_MHU
 11         tristate "ARM MHU Mailbox"
 12         depends on ARM_AMBA
 13         help
 14           Say Y here if you want to build the ARM MHU controller driver.
 15           The controller has 3 mailbox channels, the last of which can be
 16           used in Secure mode only.
 18 config PL320_MBOX
 19         bool "ARM PL320 Mailbox"
 20         depends on ARM_AMBA
 21         help
 22           An implementation of the ARM PL320 Interprocessor Communication
 23           Mailbox (IPCM), tailored for the Calxeda Highbank. It is used to
 24           send short messages between Highbank's A9 cores and the EnergyCore
 25           Management Engine, primarily for cpufreq. Say Y here if you want
 26           to use the PL320 IPCM support.
 28 config OMAP2PLUS_MBOX
 29         tristate "OMAP2+ Mailbox framework support"
 30         depends on ARCH_OMAP2PLUS
 31         help
 32           Mailbox implementation for OMAP family chips with hardware for
 33           interprocessor communication involving DSP, IVA1.0 and IVA2 in
 34           OMAP2/3; or IPU, IVA HD and DSP in OMAP4/5. Say Y here if you
 35           want to use OMAP2+ Mailbox framework support.
 38         int "Mailbox kfifo default buffer size (bytes)"
 39         depends on OMAP2PLUS_MBOX
 40         default 256
 41         help
 42           Specify the default size of mailbox's kfifo buffers (bytes).
 43           This can also be changed at runtime (via the mbox_kfifo_size
 44           module parameter).
 46 config ROCKCHIP_MBOX
 47         bool "Rockchip Soc Intergrated Mailbox Support"
 48         depends on ARCH_ROCKCHIP || COMPILE_TEST
 49         help
 50           This driver provides support for inter-processor communication
 51           between CPU cores and MCU processor on Some Rockchip SOCs.
 52           Please check it that the Soc you use have Mailbox hardware.
 53           Say Y here if you want to use the Rockchip Mailbox support.
 55 config PCC
 56         bool "Platform Communication Channel Driver"
 57         depends on ACPI
 58         default n
 59         help
 60           ACPI 5.0+ spec defines a generic mode of communication
 61           between the OS and a platform such as the BMC. This medium
 62           (PCC) is typically used by CPPC (ACPI CPU Performance management),
 63           RAS (ACPI reliability protocol) and MPST (ACPI Memory power
 64           states). Select this driver if your platform implements the
 65           PCC clients mentioned above.
 67 config ALTERA_MBOX
 68         tristate "Altera Mailbox"
 69         depends on HAS_IOMEM
 70         help
 71           An implementation of the Altera Mailbox soft core. It is used
 72           to send message between processors. Say Y here if you want to use the
 73           Altera mailbox support.
 75 config BCM2835_MBOX
 76         tristate "BCM2835 Mailbox"
 77         depends on ARCH_BCM2835
 78         help
 79           An implementation of the BCM2385 Mailbox.  It is used to invoke
 80           the services of the Videocore. Say Y here if you want to use the
 81           BCM2835 Mailbox.
 83 config STI_MBOX
 84         tristate "STI Mailbox framework support"
 85         depends on ARCH_STI && OF
 86         help
 87           Mailbox implementation for STMicroelectonics family chips with
 88           hardware for interprocessor communication.
 91         tristate "Texas Instruments Message Manager Driver"
 92         depends on ARCH_KEYSTONE
 93         help
 94           An implementation of Message Manager slave driver for Keystone
 95           architecture SoCs from Texas Instruments. Message Manager is a
 96           communication entity found on few of Texas Instrument's keystone
 97           architecture SoCs. These may be used for communication between
 98           multiple processors within the SoC. Select this driver if your
 99           platform has support for the hardware block.
101 config HI6220_MBOX
102         tristate "Hi6220 Mailbox"
103         depends on ARCH_HISI
104         help
105           An implementation of the hi6220 mailbox. It is used to send message
106           between application processors and MCU. Say Y here if you want to
107           build Hi6220 mailbox controller driver.
109 config MAILBOX_TEST
110         tristate "Mailbox Test Client"
111         depends on OF
112         depends on HAS_IOMEM
113         help
114           Test client to help with testing new Controller driver
115           implementations.
118         tristate "APM SoC X-Gene SLIMpro Mailbox Controller"
119         depends on ARCH_XGENE
120         help
121           An implementation of the APM X-Gene Interprocessor Communication
122           Mailbox (IPCM) between the ARM 64-bit cores and SLIMpro controller.
123           It is used to send short messages between ARM64-bit cores and
124           the SLIMpro Management Engine, primarily for PM. Say Y here if you
125           want to use the APM X-Gene SLIMpro IPCM support.
127 config BCM_PDC_MBOX
128         tristate "Broadcom PDC Mailbox"
129         depends on ARM64 || COMPILE_TEST
130         depends on HAS_DMA
131         default ARCH_BCM_IPROC
132         help
133           Mailbox implementation for the Broadcom PDC ring manager,
134           which provides access to various offload engines on Broadcom
135           SoCs. Say Y here if you want to use the Broadcom PDC.
136 endif

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